Bowel & Stoma Care for Support Workers

Clinical Training – Support Workers Training

Bowel & Stoma Care for Support Workers

Length of Course:  6.5 hours

Prerequisites: None

Cost:  $167 per person (group and offsite bookings please enquire here)

Course Introduction

Assisting clients with their bowel care needs is a common requirement for Support Workers working with elderly or physically disabled clients. This course introduces the function of the gastrointestinal system, how to identify common bowel issues and assist clients with their bowel care needs. Stoma Care for colostomy clients requires unique training of the highest standards. In this course, you will learn how to care for various types of stomas and how to change and dress colostomy products. You’ll also get a good understanding of the medical conditions that require a stoma and how to support and assist clients living with a stoma and colostomy bag.

Bowel & Stoma Care Training – Key Competences Covered

  • An introduction to the gastrointestinal system
  • Understand a client’s need for bowel care
  • Promotion of a healthy bowel
  • Medications, implications, and interventions
  • Bowel-related medical conditions, autonomic dysreflexia
  • Documentation and escalations
  • Policy and procedures and infection control
  • Practical element- administration techniques and procedures, including- micro enema, medication chart and infection control
  • Understanding different types of stomas
  • How to manage and change a stoma
  • Lifestyle and psychological factors
  • Medical conditions that require a stoma
  • Documentation and escalation
  • Written exam component
  • Practical- Emptying and changing a stoma bag, exposure to products and equipment.

Bowel & Stoma Care Training Course Certification

A certificate of achievement is issued on completion of the course.