Catheter & Uridome Training for Support Worker

Clinical Training – Support Workers Training

Catheter & Uridome Training for Support Worker

Length of Course:  6.5 hours

Prerequisites: None

Cost:  $167 per person (group and offsite bookings please enquire here)

Course Introduction

This hands-on course provides extensive training for Support Workers on using various catheter systems and the medical or physical conditions that require catheter use. This training will give you the necessary skills to administer catheter care to clients and understand the basics of the urinary system. Men can use urinary sheaths or Uridome (often called condom drainage) if they have urinary incontinence and don’t want to or can’t wear pads. They fit over the male genitals like a condom and are attached at the end to a drainage bag to collect and store the urine until it can be emptied.

Catheter & Uridome Training – Key Competences Covered

  • An introduction to the urinary system
  • Understanding the medical conditions that may require a urinary catheter
  • How to manage and assist clients with a catheter
  • Introduction to the different types of catheters
  • Documentation, incident reporting and infection control
  • Practical and written assessment, including emptying a catheter
  • Male Urinary Tract System
  • Conditions that may require a Uridome
  • Preparing and applying a Uridome
  • Complications
  • Policies and procedures
  • Changing, cleaning, and maintaining a Uridome
  • Written Assessment- Quiz
  • Practical- Applying Uridome and drainage equipment

Catheter & Uridome Training Course Certification

A certificate of achievement is issued on completion of the course.