Oxygen Therapy Training For Support Workers

Skill Building – Support Workers Training

Oxygen Therapy Training For Support Workers

Length of Course:  3 hours

Prerequisites: None

Cost:  $107 per person (group and offsite bookings please enquire here)

Course Introduction

This course gives students a good understanding of the human respiratory system and the medical conditions requiring oxygen therapy. Students will learn how to manage and support clients and receive hands-on training on the equipment and procedures used in caring for clients who require oxygen support.

Oxygen Therapy Training – Key Competences Covered

  • Introduction to the Respiratory System
  • Understanding medical conditions that require oxygen support
  • How to recognise the signs and symptoms of condition exacerbation and deterioration
  • How to manage and support clients with oxygen requirements
  • Practical- understanding and operating of concentrator and cylinder

Oxygen Therapy Training Course Certification

A certificate of achievement is issued on completion of the course.