A New Carer Learning Experience- KC Skills Centre

Jan 24, 2024 | KC News

The KC Skills Centre was opened in February 2023 to train professional support workers and personal family carers in the caregiver industry to support a growing need in the health sector.

My name is Hannah, and I am the Clinical Training Coordinator. I am also a seasoned Registered Nurse.
Let me tell you about the new centre and why you should try it.

Experienced and qualified educators designed the centre to provide valuable training to family members, schools, and anyone who wants to upskill.

Skills and knowledge can be gained in clinical and non-clinical areas over various conditions and care needs.
We are also excited to announce that, just in time for the KC Skills Centre’s first anniversary, we will offer accredited First Aid, CPR, and Manual Handling Courses at the Skills Centre.

The training offered through the skills centre aligns with the NDIS High-Intensity Skill Descriptors and industry standards to ensure that learners gain quality and best practice skills. The goal is to have more quality trained staff through industry standards and best practices to support clients safely in their own homes and within the community.

Courses are run face to face, at home or bedside, off-site or online.

Clinical courses have a practical component to ensure students can physically demonstrate competency. It is vital to get as much hands-on experience as possible; there is time to practice and pass around equipment to feel and observe how it works, which can benefit gaining an understanding when it is time for the practical assessment.

If I had to pick a favourite course, it would be PEG Feeding. It is fun and interactive yet still meets industry standards and skills descriptor requirements.

Georgie and I, who run the training courses, are clinically qualified with vast experience from various backgrounds, which we incorporate into our class structure.
We have also completed our Certificate IV in Training and Assessment to ensure we have the appropriate qualifications to design and conduct a quality educational class at the highest possible standard.

Did you know that the NDIS High-Intensity Skill descriptors recommend that if you have not used your practical skills from training in 3 months, you should be reassessed or retake the training?
Much like First Aid, CPR and Manual Handling regulations. Certified individuals with First Aid and Manual Handling qualifications must be renewed every three years, and CPR is to be undertaken yearly. This is stated by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC).

The ARC’s CPR requirements require that CPR competency be demonstrated on the floor, as this is where most community resuscitations will occur.

Having another local facility, like KC Skills Centre, in an area where professional and personal caregivers are in high volume makes this vital training more accessible to the general public and professionals in the field.

The KC Skills Centre is an up-and-coming organisation to ensure people, young, old and in between, are supported with their needs, whether it is understanding Dementia, hands-on experience to support someone with their catheter or stoma or the renewal of the CPR certification.

There is something for everyone, and we are proud to share it as a safe, welcoming and fun learning environment.
So, as our tagline says, “If you want to be the best, train with the best” at the KC Skills Centre!